Donya Davis


Jorja Smith • Village Underground

Because you’re never coming back down, you belong to the stars in the clouds.

Good Bye. Good times.
— Jorja Smith

It's very rare to hear the beating of your own heart. Especially stood in the middle of concert. Even rarer is when your heart is beating the rhythm of all the strangers surrounding you. 

All breath was held. With the fear, that any movement would disrupt and bring to halt the magic that Jorja Smith was conjuring. Right in front of our very eyes.

The words that I write at this moment don’t mean a damn thing. It’s utterly futile to those who weren’t there. How can I convey the serenity that I felt that night? That we all felt. There are no adjectives or verbs or similes that will ever give justice to her soul – captivating performance.

So I say this… buy her ticket. Electric Brixton. Jul 20th 2017

And then we can talk.